Where to Buy Venus Flytraps

3 Small Venus Flytraps - Fly Trap - (Dionaea Muscipula) Carnivorous Plant 3 Inch Pot

If you are wanting to get a Venus Flytrap plan, and you don't want to get a plant of questionable quality from a big box store, then I highly recommend that you check out Venus Flytrap plants from Joel's Carnivorous plants. I had the unique opportunity to interview Joel, and I can tell you that he cares about these plants.  And he cares about you, the customer.

Why does this make a difference?

The difference is in the quality of the plant you get, knowing that the plant is shipped to you live, and ready to be planted in a pot, for you to enjoy.

Don't wait, check out Joel's Venus Flytrap plants.

New From: $14.95 USD In Stock

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