Carnivorous Plant Gardening Books On Kindle

Carnivorous Gardening Kindle Books

If you are anything like me, I keep my Kindle next to my bed, so I can quickly catchup on my reading.

And for us gardeners and enthusiasts who grow carnivorous plants, there are a number of wonderful books on Kindle that you can download.  Here are a few of my favorites:


The Savage Garden (Revised): Cultivating Carnivorous Plants

The Savage Garden, by Peter D'Amato, is such an amazing and wonderful book. It is full of colorful illustrations and chock full of advice and tips and tricks for growing carnivorous plants.

It's more than a picture book, it really shows how to successfully grow carnivorous plants of all kinds.  Highly recommended.

Carnivorous Plants: Gardening with Extraordinary Botanicals

This is an excellent resource on growing carnivorous plants, for the new and intermediate gardeners.  It goes a little bit into the history of identifying these remarkable plants (Darwin actually wrote an entire book on them).

And it takes the time to describe the growing details for each plant type, to try to replicate the natural growing conditions for each plant.

Highly recommended to be part of any carnivorous plant enthusiast's library. Click here to get this ebook/Kindle version now.

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