Brought Home a Venus Flytrap Plant – Now What?

Venus Flytrap QuestionsIn today's blog post, I would like to respond to a series of questions submitted by a reader of this website.

The reader who lives in Australia, recently purchased and brought home a Venus Flytrap plant. And she is a little confused because some of the information out there for growing these plants, contradicts other information.

Here are her questions:

Hi there! I'm Tia and I live in one of the slightly cooler areas of Australia (Canberra). We are in Autumn at the moment. Summers usually end up being 30-40° C and Winters are usually 0-10° C. Autumns are closer to the 15-20° mark.

Today, I bought a VFT. I'm planning on keeping it in my room and I've read up on heaps of articles about care for them, but they all say slightly different things. Right now, it's quite small (4 inches wide, .5 inch high), spread out and low to the ground, with quite a few dead "mouths" that I've already trimmed, so I'm guessing it's dormant, even thought it's still really quite hot. I'm planning on replanting it soon into a larger pot with the correct soil.

In my room, there's a very, very sunny spot on my windowsill or a spot on my desk that gets direct sunlight most of the day, but not as much as the windowsill. Where should I put it? Will it burn up?

And should I be spraying it every once in a while or keeping it in a water dish?
Also, does air conditioning/heating effect the plant very much? We usually like to keep the house 20° C almost all year round with the temperature control.

Any other vital tips for a very non-green thumbed person like me? Thank you very much,

Great questions.  And the biggest question is: You bring home a Venus Flytrap plant from the store, and now what? How do I keep this plant alive?

I really recommend you get my guide to growing these fascinating plants, which you can download here: Venus Flytrap Growing Guide

Humidity is Not the Issue

You don't need to spray the plant with water.  By spraying the plant with water, you are thinking that the plant needs humidity in order to thrive.

However, humidity is one of the least things it needs to grow. Remember, the Venus Flytrap plant is native to the coast of North and South Carolina, not the humid jungles of Central America.

However, the plant roots should not dry out.  The Venus Flytrap plant grows in a bog or swamp, so your idea of keeping the pot in a water dish is a VERY good idea. This replicates the natural growing conditions.

These Plants Love Sunlight

And yes yes yes placing the plant so it gets lots of sun is wonderful. You say your desk gets full sun but not as much as the window sill.  Because the plant is still getting acclimated to your home, I would recommend that you place the plant on your desktop for a week or so, and then move it to the window sill.

Venus Flytrap plants love love love lots of sunlight, so give your plant what it needs and wants.

Get These Three Things Right

There are basically three vital things to worry about with a Venus Flytrap plant - water, light, and soil.  Get them right and your plant will stay alive.  And grow. Get them wrong and your plant will probably die.

The thing to keep in mind when trying to grow plants that are sensitive to their growing environment, is that this is a learning process.  You want to learn from your experience.

Don't be afraid to learn from your success and failures in growing this plant.

No mater what happens, don't let this be your last plant. 

Get my Venus Flytrap growing guide here and you can shorten the learning curve, and raise healthy happy plants.

My best,


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